The first “SMART CITY ROADSHOW–EUROPE BATCH” of “nihub Smart City Acceleration Program – Partner with Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA)” has been successfully held on the afternoon of March 30th.

1. Projects Introduction

As the first batch of this Acceleration Program, a total of 8 “Smart City” related projects have been selected for this pitching session. Here is the list:

  • Kipuwex is a small wireless IoT device that continuously measures different physiological parameters from the patient digitally and converts them with an algorithm into pain data and provides reliable measurements to healthcare professionals. The device can be used in hospitals, clinics, ambulance providers, home service providers, eldercare facilities. 
  • Treblle is an API platform that helps users stay in tune with their APIs. Just by adding Treblle to your API out of the box you get features like real time API monitoring, logging and error tracking, automatically generated and updated docs, API analytics, quality scoring and a testing suite. We help teams and companies save time and money in every stage of the API life cycle.
  • Ekkono is a software company that does Edge Machine Learning. Based on 7+ years of university research, Ekkono was founded in 2016, and has the unique ability to run even on sensor-size of devices, while still doing individual, incremental learning at the edge, which enables customers like ABB, Volvo, Siemens Energy, Alfa Laval and Sandvik to do customized maintenance and performance optimization on their products.
  • Néodelis is an Italy based start-up that is looking for seed capital for our range of smart lighting, which delivers between 30 and 50% energy costs savings and its technology has a worldwide patent. The patented technology transfers information between each light over the light spectrum, using a solution based on the same concept of“LiFi” instead of Wi-Fi, making the product usable in many areas where Wi-Fi is not permitted. The company has a market viable product and traction with early sales of 300k Euro.
  • Moona is on a mission to improve sleep for millions of people, using breakthrough technology and AI. Our first product is the world’s first smart cooling pillow pad, that regulates the temperature around the head & neck in order to prevent night sweats and hot flashes, which affect 41% of adults, in particular women in peri-menopause, and people who are overweight or obese. We shipped our first customers 2 years ago, and since then we’ve sold in 40+ countries using only 1 channel (website), generating $1M in revenue.
  • seamlessly identifies all occupants in buildings, zone-by-zone, allowing automated alerts & communications to be triggered when needed to any mobile device. We seamlessly detect the ID or access cards at long distances. This allows organisations to individually capture all occupants in Buildings. We deploy in the Smart Buildings, University and Hospitality sectors, with our core detection mechanism being our proprietary long-range RFID Smart card. This Smart card has the organisations current access technology also embedded in the same card.
  • ShadeMe is a Swiss start-up to deliver smart shading controller and solutions to commercial and residential buildings with glass facades, to save energy (cooling, heating & lighting) in buildings and make daylight comfortable for occupants. After five-year development in EPFL, ShadeMe offers decentralized anti-glare fully automated blinds for office buildings, which embed a compact controller integrating sensors and processors inside. They maintain sufficient daylight in the building, while saving lighting, cooling, and heating energy. ShadeMe blinds are not only easy-to-install (setup) as decentralized units, but also feature an APP for personalized set-up in each room.
  • Albicchiere is the first all-in-one solution in the world that lets you meet new wines and discover the hidden flavors and aromas of the ones you already know by enhancing the wine lover experience. With the Albi family of Smart Wine Dispensers, you can taste your wine at the ideal temperature and preserve it for up to 6 months. Change wine whenever you want with no hidden cleaning and service charges. Albi can connect to your smart home and make your experience unique thanks to the information on the display, the app, and the voice assistants.

2. Investors

We invited Mr. Chen from Joynt Capital, Mr. Lin from Winreal Investment, Ms. Teng from Venturous Group,July Lee, Strategy Director of Tuya Smart, and Vivien Li, Strategic Partnership Manager of Tuya Smart as the jury of this roadshow competition.

Short Introduction of Investment Agency

  • Joynt Capital : Joynt Capital has invested in more than 40 early-stage projects, with an investment of nearly 300 million yuan. They, together with regional governments, have accumulated several industrial investment funds totaling 6.2 billion yuan, mainly based on digital economy, sustainable development, artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing, and other sectors.
  • Winreal Investment : Winreal Investment is a fast-growing industrial investment institution and its team has assisted many companies to complete their IPOs, with a total management scale of nearly 2 billion yuan. Their focus is on the two major areas: hard technology and digital technology.
  • Venturous Group : Venturous Group is China’s first Citytech Group. Powering Smart City economies, they are an investor, business builder, and operator of Smart City infrastructure companies. The group has raised a record-breaking US$131M Series A in 2021, diversifying their investment methods through venture capital, private equity, M&A, co-investments, and pre-IPO deals. Additionally, they support in building their business start-ups, create strategic partnerships and joint ventures, and work hand-in-hand with their portfolio companies.


3. Top 3 Winners

1st ShadeMe :    

2nd Treblle :    

3rd Ekkono :


nihub Innovation Center will continue to launch high-quality, normalized international project roadshows, focusing on the early stages of the project, giving full play to the advantages of nihub’s international vision, linking technology and capital, R&D and marketing, and promoting the landing of innovative projects in Hangzhou.