The second “SMART CITY ROADSHOW” of “nihub Smart City Acceleration Program – Partner with Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA)” was held successfully on the morning of June 28th in nihub International Innovation Center.

Projects Introduction

The projects from this batch include fields such as Network Security, Digital Medical Treatment, Smart Home, Internet of Vehicles, covering all aspects of our life. These are the 7 projects from the final selection round of the batch:

1.Omolle (MATIV) :

MATIV offers connected fitness using a smart mat and wristband, which collect data on the user’s feet and arm movements. It uses this data to provide an interactive fitness tech service based on bodyweight exercises. Users can experience a sense of presence as if they were exercising together with an instructor or friends even when training alone by following a video class.



SideChef is a one-stop destination for people to solve “What’s for Dinner?” by offering over 20,000 recipes from over 300 creators to be one-click shopped across over 5,000 stores in the USA, added to meal plans, and have video and photo step-by-step guidance. SideChef also provides technology and content solutions in the IoT intelligent kitchen industry and online grocery space to world-class partners such as Amazon, Walmart, Facebook, LG, Samsung, GE Appliances, Panasonic, BSH, Electrolux, and more.



The future is already here. In PATEO’s vision, the intelligent connected vehicle (ICV) is no longer a simple means of transportation, but a space for carrying various forms of businesses and services. Beauty salons, healthcare & fitness, kid’s education, pet care, light coffee, maintenance, etc., most of what we need in our daily life can take the intelligent vehicle (IV) as their platform. At the same time, they also create a third commercial market apart from the offline and online markets, which is what we call the on-demand service. How to leverage the IoV to develop the new online economy? PATEO has developed ICVs into mobile stores, achieving mutual benefit and win-win results with vehicle buyers who are small shop owners.


4.Sensoria Health

Our Vision is The Garment is the Computer.® Sensoria Health is the leading developer of Remote Patient Monitoring and Artificial Intelligence solutions that improve the aging consumer’s quality of life.

We aim to be the “Intel” inside garments and footwear. We have created a Human Augmentation Platform, IoT for the human body, comprised of proprietary textile sensors, microelectronics, artificial intelligence algorithms, mobile software, and cloud infrastructure to enable footwear, accessories, and apparel to collect and convert novel datasets, via machine learning predictive analytics, into actionable information for consumers, patients and clinicians remotely and in near real-time.



WooHoo®, is an award-winning enterprise-grade voice AI assistant speaker for the luxury hospitality industry. The WooHoo® Voice AI Assistant speakers (powered by JBL by Harman) combine a phone, alarm clock, speakers, tablets, and voice assistant into an all-in-one device and bring the convenience of contactless in-room ordering and automation using just voice commands.

With a completely customizable interface, including preferred wake words, hotels can now personalize their branding and engagement. Besides Hotels & Resorts, our current plans are on expanding to Office/Workplace, Senior Healthcare, and Automotive in the future.



MicroSec is the market leader in lightweight IoT security, developing the world’s first unified protocol, thereby securing highly constrained devices and networks that are impossible to secure with today’s security methods. Launched in 2016, MicroSec is a deeptech, cybersecurity startup with domain expertise in encryption, authentication and remediation, securing constrained IoT, Industrial IoT and OT devices and networks end-to-end. Its core technology is patented in the EU, US, Australia, Japan and Singapore and is compliant with IEC 62243, ISO 27001 and is NIST-CAVP certified.



Trabble’s platform, which consists of a range of AI-powered solutions, unifies guest communication channels, expands revenue opportunities for businesses, and helps optimize business resources. It helps automate self-check-in processes for travelers and integrates chatbots and machine learning to attend to guest inquiries, reservations, and concierge services. This reduces manpower needs and allows for a fully contactless guest experience, helping businesses do away with the traditional front desk while also promoting intelligent service and product upselling to guests.


The pitch was divided into two parts: the project introduction and Q&A. The judges scored each project according to their competitive advantages, whether they meet TUYA’s requirements or not, and other factors. After evaluation from the judges, we finally got the Top 3 winners!

1st  SideChef 

2nd  MicroSec

3rd  Trabble

The three winning projects will get a full range of entrepreneurship support services provided by nihub. The top 2 projects are also qualified for the finals happening at the end of the program. For the rest of the projects, nihub will also keep in good touch with them and provide feedback to improve their solution if necessary. China means an opportunity and a big market for overseas startups, and nihub focuses on helping the ones that are ambitious and determined enough to enter the Chinese market. We look forward to more overseas entrepreneurs bringing surprises to China!