Subsidy for entrepreneurial projects

  • Declaration Object

According to the needs of Hangzhou’s economic and social development, units established according to law in Hangzhou that introduce high-end foreign experts and overseas intellectual projects.

  • Declaration Conditions

1- The high-end foreign experts introduced by the enterprise must hold middle-level or above positions in the enterprise, or serve as the person in charge (leader) of a certain project, technology, project and discipline. The employment time shall not be less than 1 year, and the actual working time in Hangzhou within 1 year shall not be less than 2 months (except for experts engaged in R & D and design who may not complete work tasks in Hangzhou), with an annual salary of 600000 yuan (RMB, the same below) and above, and meet one of the following conditions:

1- Experts and scholars who hold positions equivalent to associate professor or above in foreign universities and scientific research institutes;

2- Professional and technical talents and management talents holding middle and senior positions in well-known enterprises or institutions abroad;

3- Professionals with independent intellectual property rights or core technologies;

4- Main members of the high-level sub national (Overseas) expert working team;

5- Other high-level foreign experts in urgent need or shortage.

 The foreign intellectual projects implemented by the unit shall be the projects that introduce foreign technical and management experts (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) to Hangzhou to help solve the technical or management problems existing in the process of production, scientific research and management. They shall be funded as key projects and excellent projects respectively.

  • Policy Support

(1)The introduction of high-end foreign experts will be subsidized by annual salary. The annual salary is 600,000RMB-800,000RMB. 50% of the annual salary of the subsidy, 60% of the annual salary of more than 800,000RMB, and the maximum amount of subsidy shall not exceed 600,000 RMB.

The introduced overseas intellectual projects shall be funded with project funds. Grant 300,000RMB and no more than 200,000 RMB respectively for key projects and excellent projects.

The overseas intellectual projects and the same experts in the same project only enjoy annual salary subsidy and or project subsidy at the same year. 

  • Declaration Object

Students in Hangzhou colleges and universities and graduates of national colleges and universities within five years after graduation (calculated from the date of issuance of graduation certificate) set up enterprises in Hangzhou urban area in their own name, and must meet the following conditions:

1- When college students start an enterprise in Hangzhou, they must serve as the legal representative of the enterprise, and the total contribution of the core members of the college students’ entrepreneurship team shall not be less than 30% of the registered capital.

2- The actual address is consistent with the registered address

  • Policy Support

1- One time entrepreneurship subsidy

College student operators who have continuously paid social insurance premiums for more than 12 months according to law can enjoy a one-time entrepreneurship subsidy of 5000 yuan.

2- Subsidy for Entrepreneurship

Newly established enterprises in urban areas can apply for subsidy of 50000-200000RMB for college students’ entrepreneurship projects.

3- Rental subsidy for business premises

Newly established enterprises who rent office space can enjoy a business premises rent subsidy of up to 100000RMB within three years.

4- Venture guaranteed loan and discount interest

You can apply for a loan of no more than 500000 yuan with full interest discount. The maximum discount period shall not exceed 3 years.

5- Hangzhou entrepreneurship driven employment subsidy

To promote the employment of 3 people, you can enjoy an employment subsidy of 2000RMB per year; On the basis of promoting the employment of three people, each additional person can enjoy a subsidy of 1000 yuan per person per year; The total annual subsidy shall not exceed 20000 RMB.

  • Declaration Object

The talents introduced in the “5050 plan” shall meet the following conditions at the same time

1- Obtain a master’s degree or above, among which the domestic master must have at least 3 years of working experience in middle-level positions in well-known enterprises such as the world’s top 500, China’s top 500 and China’s top 100 software companies or executives of listed enterprises;

2- It has independent intellectual property rights, its technical achievements are internationally leading, or fill the domestic gap, and has the potential for industrial development;

3- He is the founder or founding team of his enterprise and is the main shareholder of the enterprise;

  • Policy Support

The following policy support shall be given to the enterprises established by the talents introduced in the “5050 plan”:

1- Office rent subsidy.

According to the actual needs of the enterprise, arrange appropriate office,, and give the enterprise rent subsidies for office places within three years from the year of establishment or introduction.

2- R & D and innovation support.

– Start up funding. If talents bring projects and technologies to the district for entrepreneurship, they will be given a start-up subsidy of RMB 200,000-1 millionRMB.

–  R & D subsidy. For the R & D investment of the enterprise within three years from the year of establishment or  introduction, R & D subsidy of 1-10 millionRMB will be given according to the actual expenditure.

3- Bank Loan Discount

For enterprises that use bank loans within three years from the year of establishment or introduction, interest subsidies of up to 5 million yuan of bank project loans shall be given according to the LPR interest rate of the bank in the same period.

4- Entrepreneurship development assistance.

Conduct performance evaluation on the development of the enterprise within five years from the year of establishment or introduction, and give corresponding entrepreneurship and development assistance after identification:

——Encourage financing. If an enterprise obtains the investment of a venture capital institution, it shall be given an entrepreneurship development subsidy of no more than 5 million yuan according to 15% of the investment of the venture capital institution.

——Encourage talent. For the newly selected talents from the “5050 plan” who are newly selected into the national overseas high-level talent plan or the national “ten thousand talents plan”, the overseas high-level talent plan of Zhejiang province or the “ten thousand talents plan” of Zhejiang Province, the “521 plan” of Hangzhou city or the “ten thousand talents plan” of Hangzhou City, 5 million yuan, 2 million yuan and 1 million yuan will be given to the talent to establish enterprises respectively.

——Encourage evaluation. If an enterprise wins a prize in an innovation and entrepreneurship competition with international and domestic influence, it shall be given matching rewards or rewards according to relevant policies of the district.

——”5050″ talent fund. Set up a 100 million yuan “5050” talent fund. If an enterprise obtains investment from a venture capital institution, the enterprise will be given a follow-up investment of “5050” talent fund with a maximum investment amount of 20% and a total amount of no more than 10 million. In the new round of equity financing, the equity held can be withdrawn through shareholder repurchase, agreement transfer and other methods, and 30% of the after tax income of the equity premium will be rewarded to the entrepreneurial team at one time, The remaining 70% and share capital are transferred to the talent fund for recycling.

  • Project Area

New generation information technology, Internet of things industry (Industrial Internet), live broadcasting economy and e-commerce, artificial intelligence industry, fashion clothing, cultural creativity and other key industries developed by Linping new town. Other excellent projects can be reviewed after being approved by relevant departments through joint preliminary review.

  • Talent Standard

Overseas high-level talents or domestic high-level talents are project applicants, and their contribution to the entrepreneurial team accounts for 15% or more.

Overseas high-level talents need to obtain a master’s degree overseas and start a business or work overseas for more than 3 consecutive years after learning; Or obtain a doctor’s degree and start a business or work overseas for more than 2 consecutive years after learning. Innovative and entrepreneurial talents who have worked in Linping enterprises and signed labor contracts for more than 3 years, or established enterprises in Linping District, serve as legal persons.

1- Domestic high-level talents mainly include

– Top talents, national leading talents, provincial leading talents, municipal leading talents and district leading talents.

– Innovative talents: including full-time undergraduate students in the province (especially excellent projects can not be restricted inside and outside the province), full-time undergraduate students who have graduated for no more than 10 years, master’s degree and above talents, etc.

  • Policy Support

1- If the high-level talent project passes the review and is settled, those who meet the conditions can apply for an office rent subsidy of up to 1.5 million yuan within three years

2- The maximum R & D subsidy is 6 million yuan or the maximum industrialization subsidy is 5 million yuan. In special cases, “one case, one discussion” shall be implemented.

Talent Subsidy

  • Declaration Object

1- Global fresh graduates with bachelor degree or above [the learning form of fresh graduates of domestic universities shall be full-time, and the academic degree of fresh graduates of domestic (Overseas) universities shall be certified by the retention service center of the Ministry of education];

2- The graduation time is within one year after graduation;

3- Employment or independent entrepreneurship of employers in our city within the application time limit;

4- Pay social insurance as required.

  • Policy Support

RMB 10000 for bachelor, RMB 30000 for master and RMB 100000 for doctor

    Rent subsidies will be granted to fresh full-time college graduates (including) who have no houses in Hangzhou and do not enjoy preferential housing policies such as public rental housing and talent rental housing, and newly introduced by municipal, district and county (city) units. Each household will be granted 10000 yuan per year for three years. If the income is lower than the per capita disposable income of urban residents after the expiration of the period, it can continue to enjoy it for no more than three years.

    The time limit for the first application is within one year after graduation. The time limit for renewal application is within three years after the first payment of subsidies. If the per capita disposable income of the applicant family is lower than that of urban residents in the previous year, the time limit for renewal application shall be within six years after the first payment of the subsidy.