The third stage of the Smart City Acceleration program jointly held by nihub International Innovation Center and Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA) will take place on Dec. 1st! More than 80 projects from North and South America have applied to the competition. Finally, 8 projects were selected, 6 from North America and 2 from South America. These projects have a certain degree of technical expertise and scarcity. We believe that they have great potential to shine in the smart cities of tomorrow and become prominent parts of the existing industrial chain.

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1. SmartPlate

With the rise of awareness in nutrition, people are getting more cautious about what food they eat, considering the impact it can have on our body, physical health but also on our mental health. Fitly is the creator of SmartPlate, the world’s first intelligent plate that instantly tracks and analyze everything you eat. It combines hardware and AI food recognition technology to help athletes & active consumers to identify and track their food intake with up to 99% accuracy. The smart food scale solution is capable of weighing three separate food portions simultaneously and accurately.

2. BioEsol

Our company BioEsol is leveraging renewable energy to 100% and leading to energy autonomy; we are supporting SMBs that need to operate without any energy-related problems: interruptions, power outages, bad quality, and high costs. We are preventing any kind of energy disruption that can cause loss of money and, ultimately, lives. We offer an Energy Intelligence Software and Energy Storage solution (Proprietary battery) through an Energy as a Service solution.

3. Ome

Ome is inventing the future of cooking. With a vision to develop a closed-loop system with auxiliary sensors to automate your end-to-end cooking experience, Ome takes the stress out of your time in the kitchen. Ome’s flagship product is the only connected device on the market today that instantly turns any stove into a smart appliance that can be proactively controlled, eliminating unattended cooking hazards while giving you complete access from anywhere, anytime. Ome has a thousand customers across the country who love its simple retrofit solution because they don’t have to replace their appliance, just the knobs. Ome’s ability to track cooking activity provides quantitative insights into cognitive health and an unparalleled opportunity to access crucial real-time data in an untapped part of the home.

4. DayBack

The main technology is called Dayback Energy, which consists of a proprietary Software + Hardware system that monitors energy consumption, and when installed in a photovoltaic generator, it also predicts the generation of electricity. In addition, through a methodology of its own, methodology calculated a series of electricity consumption. The system has an access platform for the customer regarding data orientation. Our proposal includes consumer education, so that they understand their bill and how to apply sustainable energy use attitudes. Another feature of the product is the smart alerts, this differential uses the products’ artificial intelligence to send a message in real time to the consumer in case of an anomaly, for example, the current consumption is above the users’ goal (someone forgot the air conditioning on). These alerts indicate what action the customer can take to improve savings, save energy and save money.

5. MobilFlex

MobilFlex makes the PC a PDC – Personal Data Center, with “LAN of Things” Co-Processors and Chipsets. “LAN of Things” complete the infrastructure on the last thirty yards and make x86 a vertically layered architure (like mainframes) with high degree of concurrency, flexibility and scalability. PDC is the most practical solution for edge computing and IOT, facilitating their proliferation and mass adoption.

6. Wearme

We help smart wearable designers bring their innovative products to market by connecting them with manufacturers, marketing and customers on our e-commerce site. We believe that supporting these small and medium sized smart wearable designers will usher in a whole new era in lifestyle, healthcare, and fashion technology – providing unique, high quality, human-centered products.

7. Solar-Fi

SolarFi Bliss is an energy-autonomous, mobile, flexibly-designed solar pod, well-suited for deployment in post-disaster impact zones. Bliss incorporates both satellite and cellular connectivity, offering affected citizens and First Responders access to device charging stations and internet connectivity. With Bliss, government agencies, utility companies, non-governmental organizations, and volunteers will become more efficient and safer in the performance of their response efforts. Affected citizens will be able to mark themselves safe and be able to contact loved ones. Because Bliss is a mobile unit that is easy to transport, set up, and operate, it can be placed virtually anywhere sufficient sunlight and space are available. These features make Bliss a perfect solution for supporting the response effort.


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The 3 most outstanding projects will be chosen by the judges in this 3rd batch. They will have the opportunity to obtain a series of entrepreneurial support such as flight ticket to China, TUYA business trip, prize money, etc. Besides, they will enter the global finals together with the other winning projects in the Europe and Asia batch.

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