The “nihub Smart City Acceleration Program – Partner with Tuya” is on going. After nearly three months of registration and preliminary screening, the SMART CITY ROADSHOW–2nd BATCH is coming up!

1. Roadshow Time

10am, June28,2022 (Beijing)

10pm, June 27, 2022 (ET Time)

2. Agenda

3. Projects

The projects of this roadshow include fields such as Network Security, Digital Medical Treatment, Smart Home, Internet of Vehicles, covering all aspects of our life.  They can provide users with complete smart home solutions to meet users’ needs for high-quality and intelligent life experience. 

This roadshow will be open to public. 

Tune in if you are interested in Smart IoT solutions!

Please scan the QR code to register 

if you want to join this roadshow.



See you on June 28th!