Digital Marketing

The service aims to build your presence in China from 0 to 100 through consistent publication, detailed campaign strategy, and professional copy. For more info on how the service looks, please see the below tier options.

Tier One: RMB 250 / post

Tier One of nichat service provides you with the basic necessities of getting your content from your word document to WeChat, China’s leading publication platform for businesses.

For Tier One clients, nihub will format and translate pre-existing content provided by you or your team and hone it to face the Chinese market. They will also provide basic administrative account management for your Official WeChat Account so that you don’t ever have to login yourself.

Tier Two: RMB 500 / post

Tier Two of nichat service goes a step to actually help you produce your content! No matter what your industry or where in the world you provide it, we can write about it.
For Tier Two clients, nihub will curate, format, and publish content topics that you’ve decided are best for your Chinese content strategy. You simply provide our team of professional copywriters and markets with a short brief of each article, any necessary photos or multimedia you want included, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Tier Three: RMB 750 / post

Tier Three of nichat service puts our team of marketers and strategists in the driver seat, while you sit by and watch the magic happen.
For Tier Three clients, nihub will propose quarterly content schedules and campaigns based off your own marketing targets. They’ll suggest topics and titles related to China’s hottest trends and help you produce truly local content. Once approved, they will also write up, format, and publish all the content you’ve agreed to, while scrapping anything that didn’t fit your brand.

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