Register your company in China

Company registration and incorporation is the first step towards scaling your business or startup in China. At nihub, we remove all the unnecessary middlemen and hidden fees to register your company quickly and affordably. Basic registration at nihub costs only RMB 3000, in Binjiang District, Hangzhou. However, there are still other costs to running a company you need to keep in mind. For a total quote, please contact us so we can take a look at your industry, business, etc. For the basic costs of running your company please refer below.

Office Space: FREE Qingdao | RMB 9000 / year Hangzhou

In China, it’s required to have an official office address to register your company. nihub provides co-working in both Hangzhou and Qingdao to help curb this expense at just RMB 750 / month or RMB 9000 annually. Free rent for the Qingdao's office

Accounting: RMB 7200 / year

The moment your company is registered you’ll need to start with your accounting. Every single transaction in or out of your company account must be recorded and submitted to the tax bureau. At nihub, our accounting services cover all your basic accounting needs for only RMB 600 / month or RMB 7200 annually.

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