成立时间Register time: 2020,November
创始人Founder: GERALD YANG ZHOU from the USA
关键词Keywords: Medical Data Analysis

OneKlinik is a medical data analysis platform that provides operable appointment services, gives patients health warnings, and works with appropriate stakeholders (such as employment companies and insurance companies) to combine data analysis and infrastructure operations to effectively reduce medical costs and benefit multiple parties.



成立时间Register time: 2018, March
创始人Founder: Sam from Holland
关键词Keywords:Food quality, food safety, chemical residue, antibiotics, data visualization, rapid tests

SquaredAnt Network Technology is launching an online food safety information platform.Through this platform, everyone can buy food tests, test their own food, share relevant information, and guide daily diet choices accordingly.The team of SquaredAnt Network Technology is currently composed of a group of scientific researchers. We love science, learning from facts, and transforming scientific research results into practical applications can bring us the greatest happiness. We are designing a food safety information platform so that everyone can enjoy the charm of technology while monitoring food safety.


Lionspoon Dreams Game

成立时间Register time: 2021, January
创始人Founder: Rafael de Jesus Falcao from Portugal , Joao Wangler de Moraes from Brazil
关键词Keywords: Gaming,moderate monetization strategy

Hangzhou Lionspoon Dreams Game Technology Co. Ltd is a gaming company in its essence. The main idea is to create entertainment to the players, making complex and challenging experiences become something casual and simple, as the sum of a Lion and a Spoon. Lionspoon Dreams intend to create market share in the Mobile market worldwide first, in order to set the new standards to what can be expected of Mobile gaming, a casual and good experience, without the “Pay to Win” focus, with a moderate monetization strategy, different from the current market practices.



成立时间Register time: 2021,January
创始人Founder: OKWODU WISDOM ISAAC from Nigeria
关键词Keywords: college students,e-commerce is a student affinity network platform and e-commerce start-up company positioning itself to be an industry leader in offering college students in Nigeria all things pertaining to college/university life while at the same time providing a platform for local and global brands to connect with this group. offers a hub for students in universities and institutions of higher learning across Nigeria where they can connect to current global trend on college lifestyle, find resources, access discounted services, shop at great value and engage in a nationwide campus culture. By using web-based technology to create a platform for college students in Nigeria, is taking a first-mover position that will avail her rapid growth and an opportunity to raise entry barriers for possible competition.


Selection of life

成立时间Register time:2020,February
创始人Founder:宋天漠 and 朱鹏程 from China
关键词Keywords:community, social relationship,group buying

Selection of life is a community group purchase platform. Community group purchase is a new e-commerce model combining the organization of wechat and the promotion of community products. In short, it uses social relationships, such as community, to sell goods in groups. This model combines online, offline and community “three networks in one” marketing.



成立时间Register time: 2018, August
创始人Founder: Dennis from Holland
关键词Keywords: computer vision, customer intelligence, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and marketing intelligence

At Dashmote, we build end-to-end AI solutions that allow innovators to fully understand data and unlock its power.It is Dashmote’s mission to guide you through a data-driven world. Our products empower world-class corporations like Coca Cola, Diageo, Heineken, Bacardi, and Unilever. Google, McKinsey, and Rocket Internet named Dashmote the best B2B startup of Europe. Since 2014, we have been providing global brands with computer vision-based services. We make enterprises able to better connect with the market around them and, therefore, with their customers.


Motus Operandi

成立时间Register time: 2019,April
创始人Founder: Davide from Italy
关键词Keywords:Mobile Workforce Management Solutions, Mileage Capture Technology, Vehicle Reimbursement Solutions, Fleet Personal Use Management Solutions, Driver Safety Solutions, Route Planning & Optimization, Expense Management Solutions

Motus is the definitive leader in solutions for businesses with mobile-enabled workers and fleets of any size. The Motus technology platform simplifies both mileage and mobile device reimbursement with proprietary software that calculates personalized and compliant reimbursements for each employee, while improving employee productivity and reducing the overall costs of mobility. The company’s deep insights, captured across the world’s largest retained pool of drivers, also underpins the annual Internal Revenue Service (IRS) business mileage standard, the amount an individual can deduct for business vehicle expenses.



成立时间Register time: 2019, May
创始人Founder: Nicolas & Romain from France
关键词Keywords: Augmented Reality, B2B, AR glasses

EEXAR is a software development company based in Shanghai. The company brings B2B sales 4.0 through Augmented Reality and automation. Integrality of sales process through a pair of glasses. EEXAR transform B2B showrooms, tradeshows and field sales into fully vitualized experience in a three component package: a pair of AR glasses, a tablet, and a software. From product presentation to first quote, the company speed-up the sales process while adding interactivity and cost cutting.



成立时间Register time: 2019,August
创始人Founder: ABHISHEK KUMAR from the Swiss

Nanogence, founded and developed by Dr. Abhishek Kumar in Switzerland, is an intelligent catalyst based on nanoparticles, which can catalyze chemical reactions, improve the bonding ability of cement, and provide customized strength and durability.



成立时间Register time:2021,October
创始人Founder: Romain from France
关键词Keywords:revolutionize fan engagement,SaaS

Gamifly is a French startup which aims to revolutionize fan engagement. We provide SaaS for businesses to engage and monetize their audience. The project launched several years ago in France and rapidly expanded to Europe, North America and Japan.The project is now Live and well used in Europe among sports and e-sports actors,looking for further expansion in China.


Lime And Orange Electronic Science and Technology

成立时间Register time: 2019,May
创始人Founder: Frederic from France & Jane from China
关键词Keywords:Product development, Manufacturing Consultancy

Lime And Orange’s team is here to help you to develop a product from the ground up or to augment your existing engineering team. With the aim to decrease Time To Market (TTM) and maintain quality. Controlling the supply and logistics channels in Asia. Full spectrum development team to collaborate with you from concept to mass production. Utilizing renderings, animations and Proof of Concept/Principle. Lime And Orange delivers 3D/2D drawings, cost analysis and full design for manufacture. SOP, QA and production planning is controlled by Lime And Orange to meet your specific requirements. Certified design testing for UL, CE, IPXX, Title 24, Energy Star, RoHS, REACH, FCC…


成立时间Register time: 2021 ,March
创始人Founder: Tay Ung from UK
关键词Keywords:3D printing

CHIOSI Design Innovation Ltd. is multi-disciplinary product innovation and design development consultancy that aims to solve complex everyday problems, using expert knowledge from Product, Furniture, 3D modelling, 3D printing, Photography, Art, Fashion, Hardware & Software, AI and Machine Learning and Drone subject fields to create innovate new products that offer real-world solutions solving real-world problems.


成立时间Register time: 2021 ,September
创始人Founder: 李光耀 from Taiwan, China
关键词Keywords:biodegradable plastic materials, sustainable economy,plastic waste issues

At eBiopex, we are committed to creating a sustainable economy for the future. Through research and innovation of the next generation biodegradable plastic materials, eBiopex aims to make an impact on the plastic waste issues from the root of the cause, the manufacturers. Our research teams provide specialized solutions in modified biodegradable plastics using PLA and PBS as our core material. The application of our biodegradable plastics can extend to flexible or rigid packaging, construction materials, industrial film or membrane applications, and more.

New Chapter Development

成立时间Register time: 2020,August
创始人Founder: Loren from the USA
关键词Keywords:copy writing, editing, design

New Chapter Developments is a company focused primarily on effective communications and elegant design: effectively communicate to clients, effectively communicate to customers, effectively communicate to friends and family; the design is itself a means toward effectively communicating intent, in physical spaces, virtual spaces, marketing, and in the written word. New Chapter Developments is dedicated to assisting clients in refining their communications and designs, with the intent toward providing a future online platform of refined design and elegant communication to more perfectly realizing all of the above aspirations.

Media, Design, Culture exchange, Consulting


成立时间Register time: 2021,April
创始人Founder: 杨娜 from China
关键词Keywords: online media,form brand influence,online integrated marketing scheme

With the development of the Internet, brand marketing has been shifted from traditional paper media and offline media to online media. Especially in Hangzhou, where e-commerce is developing rapidly, MCN institutions and live broadcasting institutions emerge one after another. However, many brands are short-lived and do not form brand influence and brand competitiveness. In view of this, we hope to do a project to specifically serve the brand, provide the brand with a full platform online integrated marketing scheme, realize the win-win of brand sales & word-of-mouth, and let more brands form influence and have long-term vitality.



成立时间Register time: 2021,April
创始人Founder: Ng Yin Seng from Singapore
关键词Keywords: professional design and consulting services for architecture

HORTIAN is a young foreign-funded design company in Hangzhou. Our main business scope is to provide professional design and consulting services for architecture, interior, landscape and product aesthetics. Parent company in Singapore has been established for 3 years and now has 15 partners. Singapore design director Ng Yin Seng, who has more than 10 years of domestic and foreign design experience, came to Hangzhou to set up a branch and share our ideas and enthusiasm for future design. We also hope to promote the design cooperation between China and Singapore. Our design principles have always been humanized, evidence-based integration of nature (greening) and market demand to create a sustainable product.


ODA Production House

成立时间Register time: 2019, September
创始人Founder: Viktoria from Russia & Diego from Colombia
关键词Keywords: production studio,creative vision

ODA is a high-end production studio driven by a passion to work harmoniously between art and business. Acting as the cultural bridge between the West and East, ODA is where visual artists, talents, ideas, and clients come together without borders to create the content of tomorrow.
Our goal is to accomplish the creative vision of our client while providing a high-end service and ensuring a smooth production from start to finish.Our services include production and co-ordination of:
Creative direction and project management
Casting and location scouting
Commercial e-commerce, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content
Editorial, advertorial, and campaign content
Moving image, still image, and film content
Art buying
International production services



成立时间Register time: 2018,October
创始人Founder: Thuraya from Lebanon & Mohammad Harb from Jordan
关键词Keywords: Marketing, Culture exchange, F&D

Lionne Inc. is a network of passionate talents who come together to create exceptional Cultural Experiences, Restaurant Concepts, introduce new experiential dimensions in the Food & Beverage Industry, and bridge cultural gaps through immersing into Food, Fashion, Arts, Music, and More! Our team joins forces, knowledge, and experience to recreate what the taste buds can enjoy, what the eyes can see, what the ears can hear, and what the soul can feel. We aim to offer only the best, and nothing but the best for our clients and their customers. Our services are inspiring, invigorating, and impeccable.



成立时间Register time: 2018, January
创始人Founder: Ileana from Romania
关键词Keywords:social innovation, Hangzhou community

Cultural platform aiming to help expats, returnees and tourists to improve their life in Hangzhou. Collaborating with over 50 local and international companies, HZC has become one of the largest and most popular platform for expats in Hangzhou, in less than 6 months.


Become Better

成立时间Register time:2021,May
创始人Founder: Angie from Spain
关键词Keywords:business consulting

Become Better (Hangzhou) Business Consulting Ltd offers innovative business consulting to succeed with challenges in uncertain and fast changing times. Our clients are corporate professionals (from foreign companies and Chinese international companies), as well as individuals. Our services include Work Life Balance, Personal Growth, Leadership, Project Management, Agile Methodologies, Change Management, etc.


Leila Design & Solutions

成立时间Register time: 2020, January
创始人Founder: Leila from Brazil
关键词Keywords:Visual conception

We are Design, Brand and Product Development Company, we work on creating collections, product lines and visual identity, aligning the client’s proposal with the products sold. Our services are individual or package.


Bluebay Communications

成立时间Register time: 2020, September
创始人Founder: Carrie from Canada
关键词Keywords:Communications strategy, PR, BD

For businesses and individuals in China who need to clarify and deliver key messages to target audiences, Blue Bay Communications offers a variety of communications solutions. Blue Bay is headed by founder and CEO Carrie Davies. For large-scale projects, Carrie collaborates with a team of local and expat content specialists. Bilingual in English and Chinese, the Blue Bay team specializes in targeting audiences, adapting communication strategies, and conveying key messages across linguistic and cultural barriers.
– Content solutions: copywriting and editing, translating, research, event planning and execution
-Relationship solutions: public relations management, business development, community management, developing/implementing relationship management systems, team communications training
– Strategy solutions: customer research, communications strategy consulting



成立时间Register time:2020,April
创始人Founder: Gentian from Albania
关键词Keywords:New Media, market analysis, Joint cooperation and Social foot print

At Ampefy we care about a business development in line with markets real needs. In this challenging times finding the right match between supply and demand can be game changer, and in line with this principal we provide your business with the right tools to reach a larger audience and ultimately find your ideal customer.


Knowledge wire

成立时间Register time: 2019, June
创始人Founder: Eric from USA
关键词Keywords:design, video, music

Knowledge Wire designs educational curriculum and materials for private schools and institutes. We also develop video shows combining music with news and education.


Great Wall – China Education Consultant

成立时间Register time: 2019, February
创始人Founder: JS吴健源 from Indonesia
关键词Keywords:Education Consultant,Indonesia,China Education

Great Wall – China Education Consultant (Great Wall – CEC) is a fast growing private Indonesian company promoting China’s education in Indonesia and giving assistance to all Indonesians matters related to studying abroad in China. Each year the company is provided advice and assistance to large number of clients. Great Wall – CEC has in house experienced and friendly education counselors.
Great Wall – CEC is providing the right advice to suit a student’s need for his/her success in China education. As an educational consultant, we devote our full energies to school or university placement and related services. This means we have the time and the undivided attention to give to the essential work of fitting students to schools or universities; to developing relationships with admissions staff; to keeping up with key developments in China’s education; and – most important – to getting to know the individual student with whom we will work closely throughout the placement process. It is this combination of expertise and personal attention that is drawing increasing numbers of students to our services.

E-commerce & Import and export trading


成立时间Register time: 2021,July
创始人Founder: Dr.Paul O’ Brien from Ireland
关键词Keywords: A2 milk

Grass to milk company limited (G2M) is a dairy startup based in Ireland. Our goal is to bring to market a range of healthy and functional dairy products backed by the strongest scientific and clinical evidence which are based on 2 key foundations: 1) grassfed pasture systems and 2) A2 cow genetics. Our adherence to these 2 key principles ensures our current range and future pipeline of innovative products offer health advantages and positively impact physiology when compared to traditional dairy products.


Licheri Import & Export

成立时间Register time: 2020, March
创始人Founder: Greg from Italy
关键词Keywords:wine, Italy, import and export

I founded Licheri import & Export Co., LTD is a China-based Wholly-owned foreign enterprise whose business scope is focused on high-level Italian wine import and wholesale, luxury travel to Italy, and Sino-Italian business brokerage.



成立时间Register time:2021,April
创始人Founder: 管晶晶 from China
关键词Keywords:paper consumer products, cross border e-commerce

The company is an emerging e-commerce platform. The company’s PC platform: Minimalmart focuses on global online retail of paper consumer products, including greeting cards, postcards, envelopes, notebooks, pocketbooks, and wrapping paper, etc. The registered trademark of the same name, MINIMALMART, is a brand with the theme of paper products and lifestyle. The product style is mainly in perfect integration with all the beautiful things in nature, full of innocence and childlike, combined with hand-painted and printed to present a nostalgic and classic feeling.



成立时间Register time:2016, July
创始人Founder: JALEEL from Jordan
关键词Keywords: export, multiple languages

LeVrai mainly exports building materials, auto parts, furniture, textiles (sofa, curtain cloth, lace, rope), lights and other products, mainly to the United States, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Our staff have communication skills in multiple languages (English, French, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic and Chinese), which can connect Chinese suppliers with foreign customers and establish a win-win relationship.


Breakfast Champion

成立时间Register time: 2019, March
创始人Founder: Andrew from Ireland
关键词Keywords: top quality meat products

Breakfast Champion has been around for a while now, a few years in fact, but we are still doing our thing, rocking out breakfast favorites daily, and supplying you with top quality meat products all over China. Breakfast Champion was the brainchild of a Northern Irish chef who came to China craving his beloved Ulster Fry, quickly realizing most of the components were a no-go or simply overpriced knockoffs. He decided enough was enough and that was the moment Breakfast Champion was born, with this simple idea, and champion food knowledge, he set out with two objectives in mind, the first, to source high-quality meat and then produce safe and affordable back bacon, sausages and black pudding direct to your door. The second, to sell enough bacon to cover the cost of his own breakfast demands!


JP.ONYX Overseas Trading

成立时间Register time: 2020, April
创始人Founder: John Paul from Nigeria
关键词Keywords: import and export, business consulting

JP.ONYX oversea trading co. ltd is specialize in fulfilling the demands of customers by being the bridge of import and export that connects Manufactures with retail suppliers and also business consulting. Currently we are focusing on all auto parts connected to cars and trucks, Building with road construction materials and Agricultural materials, Office and Home use items including wears and electrical electronic products.


RIO Metric Tech

成立时间Register time: 2020,January
创始人Founder: THEOPHILUS MANZOU from Zimbabwe
关键词Keywords:smart phones, Pads, laptops, USB cables, kitchen electrical appliances, smart watches, formal and casual clothes, hair products, sanitary products

Rio-Metric Tech company is in Hangzhou, China that provides all Electronics, Clothing, Formal clothing, casual or informal clothing, sport clothing, label clothing also including the shoes, industrial and commercial machines, sanitary products, cosmetics, hair products at affordable and cheap prices. We ship our products to Zimbabwe and South Africa, also we yet to cover all markets in Africa and go globally.



成立时间Register time:2021,July
创始人Founder: SHAOLINE from Zimbabwe
关键词Keywords:Harness creativity explore the uncharted worlds

SHAOLINE E-commerce provides attire and accessories for female bridal attendants. We believe in providing superior customer service and creating a shopping experience that is relaxed and pleasurable. We also believe in providing a working environment for our employees that is professional and fun, and that empowers our employees to be trustworthy and valuable resources to our customers.



成立时间Register time:2021,September
创始人Founder: MICHEAL from Nigeria
关键词Keywords:online marketplace, trading solution

We are an online marketplace providing African traders an easy solution to buy products directly from Chinese suppliers, manufactures, wholesalers with good quality and from the comfort of their home using our mobile app, which is available on Apple IOS and Android. Our team includes experienced technology driving tech engineers for our website and mobile app maintenance. And experience international business tycoons.The company has established an essential partnership with top Chinese suppliers, leading logistics companies for transportation of goods, and product quality control experts. Our mission is to be a Leading trading solution between china suppliers and African traders.