At nihub Innovation Center, we have a simple slogan: it’s all about ni. 

If you’ve been in China for any amount of time you’ll understand that both this slogan, along with our company name feature a unique highlight: you.

The importance of ‘you’ cannot go overstated. We call ourselves an innovation center, working to facilitate foreign innovation in China. For us, this means putting the focus on individual people who hold that innovation with themselves.

Innovation is not something that we can create through training programs, investment, giving you a business license, or branding your business here. Innovation can only come from you. So, at the end of the day: it is all about you.

Along with whatever innovation you’re bringing to market, your story and your brand is equally all about you. For this particular part of building your company in China, nihub wanted to utilize the same unique adaptability, personality, character, innovation, and flexibility that comes with all startups to best illustrate the brand in their original form.

Most important, we wanted to make this service available to startups, startups who far too often don’t even have the possibility to think about a budget for online marketing.

Thus, we came up a niCHAT: a service to help foreign startups and businesses building a following (and a brand) on China’s largest social media platform… WeChat.

The idea behind niCHAT is in line with our core values at nihub, giving you a flexible service to deliver exactly what you need when you need it.

The service is structured in three tiers:


Tier 1 – Content Formatting: 

For contenting formatting service, we firmly believe that you know your company and your brand best. That’s why we let you produce the content in your own language and in your own style. Then we help you produce the equivalent Chinese copy and format into the backend of WeChat’s Official Account platform.

Alongside the content support, our team also fully runs the account for you. Meaning that we setup menus, answer inquiries, comments, and handle all admin tasks related to your WeChat marketing.

Tier 2 – Content Creation:

Next comes content creation, because we understand that writing takes time (often too much time). Here, we still believe that you know the brand best, even after many brand meetings, introductions, and the like.

Here, we ask only that you prepare a content schedule with individual topics and brief descriptions to each topic to best inform our content piece how you want the piece written. Through this template and close relationship, we work endlessly to make sure that your tone, style, and brand lives through content created by the nichat team.

Tier 3 – Content Strategy:

Last, but certainly not least, comes our content strategy service. This is utilized for companies who are experts in their industry and have a wealth of knowledge but are unfamiliar with the Chinese market and how to best communicate with their audience here.

For content strategy, we look deep into the local market and industry for your specific business to find and evaluate current trends, hot topics, and engagement techniques. Through this work, we help you to curate either monthly or bi-monthly content topic proposals and discuss with you which will best illustrate the true identity of your brand in relation to the Chinese market.

What’s your story?

To understand one’s brand is to understand their story. The story of a determined entrepreneur, of a successful business, and a story of passionate people doing work that they love.

Reach out to us today to talk about your own content, brand, and business to take the first step towards telling your story in China.

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