Open your Companyin China


After getting all the information and documents, it takes less than a day to get your Chinese Business License. Fill this form to send us your information. Based on that we will contact you and send you a quotation.

Company Registration process:

Step 1. Checking name online need around 2 working days,
Step 2. Preparing registration docs and going to the government (need to be there in person)
Step 3. Wait around 1-3 working days to get your business license.

Which city do you want to register your company (required)

Registered Capital - This is to set the amount of money your company is liable for in case of default or bankruptcy. It does not need to be put into the company immediately upon registration. Shareholders get to declare when the money will be transferred in.

If you already have a business address, please provide us with these following documents if already available:

1. Rent contract (the government requires at least one year)
2. Copy of property certificate and landlord's signature or seal.
3. Office layout

Shareholder’s Information: This is to determine the structure of your company, whether you’re registering as an individual or a legal entity. For example, you may use your passport to register the company yourself as a shareholder, or you may use a company in your home country to register the foreign company as the shareholder of the newly formed Chinese entity.

• If you have an additional shareholder who is a Mainland Chinese citizen, they must first have their own company to be apart of your shareholding structure. This will make your company a JV (JointVenture). Foreigners and Mainland Chinese citizens cannot be both as individual shareholder on a company structure.

Confirm that you have read it (required) yes

• If you’re registering the company as an individual, you need to use your passport to register. In this case it is mandatory that you have a China entry seal in your passport from the last time you entered China (within the last three months; if you already have work permit, the stamp can be within the last six months). If you do not have a valid entry stamp on your passport, you will need to leave the country and re-enter in order to provide this; or you can get your passport notarized in your home country and then authenticate the notarization at the Chinese Embassy in your country. Once this has been provided, the passport information page, along with the valid China entry seal (or authenticated copy from the Chinese embassy) will both be officially translated and used to register you as the shareholder of the new company.

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• If you will register a foreign company(s) as the shareholder of the new Chinese entity, you will need to notarize the business license of the company in the registered country, authenticate it at the Chinese embassy in the same country, and send to us for translation.

Confirm that you have read it (required) yes

Business Scope: This should reflect the services your company wishes to provide to the local market. If you already have a company abroad you can give us the business scope used there and we can help adapt it to Chinese if the business will remain the same. If not, you can simply describe/outline your business operations to us to determine your Chinese company’s business scope.

Legal Representative: You must choose one shareholder of the company to be the legal representative of the company. This person can be both the legal rep and a manager or other staff. You need to provide this person’s passport, phone #, email, and live-in address in China.

Company Supervisor: This person cannot be a company shareholder and is responsible for overseeing accounting/operations of the company. You need to provide a scanned copy of their passport / Chinese Citizen ID Card.


Registration :

• RMB 3000 in Binjiang District
• RMB 4000 in Greater Hangzhou

Address / Office Space

@ nispace:RMB 750 per month + 1 month security deposit

• 6-month payments receive 1 month free = RMB 4500 for 7 months
• 12 months payments receive 2 months free = RMB 9000 for 14 months

Translation Fee:

RMB 100 - 300 (depending on the native language of passport)
• If registering a foreign company as a shareholder there is an additional translation fee for the translation to the notarized foreign business license.

Company Seals:RMB 1000 (Charged by local government for seal creation)

Bank Account:RMB 1000 / bank account

Once the company is registered you can open your official company bank account with the business license and legal representative’s passport. The other service

• Accounting: RMB 600 / month 3 month payment terms = RMB 1800

• Working Permit: RMB 2000 in Binjiang District RMB 3000 in Greater HangzhouIf a work permit notice is required for first time applicants, this online application can also be done on your behalf for the following additional cost:RMB 1000 in Binjiang District RMB 1500 in Greater Hangzhou