During your journey as an entrepreneur you will be confronted by the question:

“Can you send me your deck?”

If you are looking to raise money or to close a partnership deal, it essential to have a presentation of your company prepared.

Today, we will focus on the “investment deck”, often referred to as a “pitch deck”, that you’ll have show to Chinese investors when trying to procure funding.

Why Do You Need A Pitch Deck?

A deck is not only good for third-parties, but also for yourself. To stop for a few hours and focus on writing down precisely what it is your company is doing is a great process to spot problems, new opportunities, or potential improvements.

Keep in mind that whoever is looking at your deck is busy. Keep it clear, attractive, simple and to the point. You don’t want your potential investor to lose interest while reading your deck and miss out on fully understanding your company.


Here are some key considerations to keep in mind while preparing your pitch deck:


  • Always use PowerPoint or Keynote (or a similar program) to create your deck.
  • A widescreen pattern of 16:9 is the ideal format.
  • Convert it to a PDF version after. (PDF will ensure that your deck will be easily accessible from any operation system)
  • Keep the fonts big enough so that you will have possibility to use this presentation in meetings, roadshows, etc.
  • Do not exceed ideally 20 slides.


A pitch deck is the CV of your company; it represents your company, your product, and your branding.

  • We should see your brand when reading your deck:
  • Use the colors which represents the best your company.
  • Show us your Logo
  • Keep it as minimalistic as possible. Clean, clear, and concise.


Remember that investors do NOT have time to read a novel about your company. 

  • Do not put animation on your slides, it makes it slow and not professional.
  • GIF images are not recommended as well, add pictures on your Deck.


Decks are mostly used during a live pitch to investors, partners, or audiences. Ensure to:

  • Avoid long paragraphs and large blocks of text.
  • Focus on key bullet points to key your presentation fluid & natural.


The flow of a presentation is very personal but in practice most of the investors are used to get information in the same order.

Below is a chart detailing niHUB’s recommended, but not mandatory structure for your pitch deck. 


As mentioned, a deck is like a CV of your company. Never ask for a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) before sending it. It will show that you lack professionalism and experiences and that you do not trust enough yourself compared to your competitors.

With that said, it is important to note that key information or technologies details DO NOTbelong in your pitch deck.

Keep any and all sensitive information or data for the Due Diligence process, at which point investors will expect to a sign an NDA with your company.  

niHUB FA & Investment Services

As a part of our FA & Investment services, niHUB provides FREE support and initial feedback on your pitch deck.

Contact us by email: info@nihub.co to receive a template on how to write a pitch deck or send us your existing deck for a full review & feedback!

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