The Hangzhou Citizen Day International Experience Event is currently in full swing, showcasing the rich culture of Hangzhou to the world.As part of the international experience series, the “Elegant Song Dynasty” themed sharing session was successfully held on April 21, at the China Courtyard · Mengxiyuan.

Hangzhou, known as Lin’an in ancient times, was the capital of the Southern Song Dynasty, and its aesthetic values are in line with those of the Song Dynasty.

Jiang Qingqing, former director and senior editor of the Hangzhou Daily News Research Institute and an expert in Southern Song culture, introduced us to the aesthetic values and artistic elegance of the Song Dynasty. The cultural scenes of painting, flowers, tea, calligraphy, and so on vividly reflect the sentiment of life in Song.

Experts and scholars from the cultural, media, and academic sectors, as well as our friends from all over the world, were invited. During the event, attendees visited the Chinese-style garden and communicated with the Southern Song culture experts, gaining a deep understanding of the unique charm and influence of Song.

In order to assist Hangzhou in successfully hosting the Asian Games and the second National Reading Conference, and to showcase the urban landscape of Hangzhou to the world, the Hangzhou Citizen Day International Experience Event is still ongoing. We welcome everyone to actively participate. Look forward to meeting you in the near future!