This month, nihub hosted a 6-class Bootcamp to help overseas and domestic talents with entrepreneurial ambitions by providing the necessary knowledge for entrepreneurship in China.

2022 nihub Entrepreneurial Bootcamp was rounded off yesterday. Let’s review the whole Bootcamp together!

1. How IT can optimize your online presence

Mentor: Omar Aly

Our speaker Omar Aly shared the main tools that are used to build websites and guided everyone to make WeChat official account & mini app.

2. In-depth guidance for entrepreneurship

Mentor: Lucas Rondez (nihub)

Lucas Rondez, Vice President of Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce, & CEO of nihub, gave a very insightful speech on the basics of Entrepreneurship, on how Chinese government works, and so on.

3. Commercial laws in business

Mentor: Raymond Wang

Raymond Wang, specialized in IP laws and foreign affairs, with strong experiences in legal services for IT and E-commerce industry, gave an in-depth introduction of IP protection, tools and strategy for dispute resolution, cross-border data transfer, etc.

4. International Trading

Mentor: Lucas Rondez (nihub)

Lucas shared his experiences and amusing stories in the field of international trading, and elaborated on import and export, logistics and other related content, hoping to bring some new inspiration to the audience.

5. The backdoors of international logistics

Mentor: Xavier Sanz

Xavier Sanz illustrates the advantages of a Free Trade Zone and the import customs procedures & taxes. Besides, people discussed about the current situation of the shipping industry and what to expect next.

6. How to do marketing on social platform

Mentor: Marian Danko

Marian Danko, Founder at weHustle, gave a speech about social media marketing skills and tried to help people find the right platform that can see the most ROI for their company.

The Bootcamp was a great success!

Thanks a lot for your participation and support!

In the future, nihub will continue to provide various commercial services.

Let’s make progress together.

Wish you all the best!