At least once a day, friends from home, partners from abroad, and investors we’re working with from around the world are asking us the same thing:


Why Scale in China?


For anyone based here, the question is all too common. A big part of doing the work nihub Innovation Center does by facilitating cross-border innovation and funding western startups, entrepreneurs, and tech expansion into the Chinese market, is filling in this information gap.


When it comes to the question “Why China” the answer, while often different, will always boil down to the same core point:




China is full of opportunity not only for well-connected local entrepreneurs or huge corporates / MNCs looking to expand into the world’s largest market, but also for the innovative, the determined, and the resilient entrepreneur. 


With more funding than most of us will see in a lifetime, government support and policy that moves and adapts with a pace equal to that of the market, and niche targeted ecosystems thatfacilitate growth in key verticals and industries.


While European markets get intrinsically caught up in bureaucracy and politics, markets like China are looking to invest, support, and facilitate real growth in projects looking to not only disrupt but transform the industries and world we live in today. 


Through R&D grants, rent subsidies and programs, international talent grants & innovation competitions, each and every local ecosystem, from Hangzhou to Qingdao and Shenzhen to Chengdu, have policies that support the key industries and verticals they focus on. 

Going From Israel To China


When it comes to Israel and China, the relationship is one revolved around innovation, technology, and opportunity that exists around it all. 


Through dozens of city-to-city partnerships, tailored policy, grants, and programs going from any of Israel’s tech-hubs and into a similarly tailored and supportive ecosystem in China is merely a matter of understanding the local market and finding the right partner.


That’s where nihub comes in. With our China – Israel Innovation Program (CIIP), we’re looking to help you understand the local the market, meet the right partners, connect with industry investors, and localize all the resources you need to scale in China.

Why nihub?


Because we’re for entrepreneurs, made by entrepreneurs. Through an RMB 100M fund (USD $15M), a range of operational services and support, hundreds of global partners, and strong government relation, nihub Innovation Center assists innovative entrepreneurs and tech companies from the West who are looking to make the move with their strategic expansion and scale up into the Chinese market.


For CIIP, the same values that run through each and every aspect of our dedication to foreign startups remain the same: 

(“ni” = “you” in Mandarin Chinese)


Our open application for the program will is open from May 10th – July 10th, 2019. 


Whether you’re in Israel or already in China, CLICK HERE TO APPLY TODAY or link up with us for more information on nihub’s China – Israel Innovation Program (CIIP) and don’t forget to check back each week for new updates! 

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