What does innovation mean to you?

For us at nihub Innovation Center, it’s a question we’re asked, and that we ask, quite often. Of course, everyone’s answer is a bit different Some think of new technology while others think of unique business models and elaborate ecosystems. 


One thing that all these answers have in common, though, is that innovation starts with people and ends in progress. So, when our innovation team here at nihub is designing a new program, the two things we always consider is how we can prioritize progress, and how can we prioritize people?

Here is where our most recent program, the China – Israel Innovation Program, comes into play. As an opportunity for Israeli startups to test their innovation, understand a new market, meet industry-specific investors, partners, and more, nihub’s CIIP resembles a bridge that gives access to people and their progress.


Keep reading below for five things YOU could get from applying to nihub’s China Israel Innovation Program:

Market Knowledge

The program itself is designed to share knowledge and expertise regarding China’s various startup ecosystems, policies, and culture. Whether you’re in AIoT, Big Data, MedTech, New Materials, or nearly any other high-tech industry, we’ll be sharing industry-specific knowledge, research, or resources to evaluate your project’s potential in the Chinese market. 

Investment Opportunity

nihub Innovation Center often describes itself as a VC (Venture Capital) the way that every VC should be. That means not just offering funding for our projects, but also institutional and operational resources and connections.


Through our own fund of RMB 100M alongside dozens of local VC partner funds, nihub’s China – Israel Innovation Program is a chance to secure investment for scale-up opportunity and operations in China’s massive market. 


Alongside these financial resources, you’ll also have access to nihub’s operational team to set up, register, and help get your Chinese business going with services ranging from incorporation & accounting to co-working & digital marketing. 

Free Ecosystem Visit

A personal opinion of ours is that no innovation program is complete with the startups getting really see and experience the innovation and ecosystem. That’s why the three winners of CIIP’s digital roadshow will have their plane tickets and hotels covered to join nihub’s Innovation Week visiting China’s local startup ecosystems.
Partner Potential

A part of understanding the local ecosystem comes with understanding who your potential partners will be when entering the Chinese market. Whether you end up setting up a JV or you’re looking for strategic partners to sign MoU’s and distribution/service agreements, you need to spend a good amount of time identifying the market and weighing their interest and their potential resources. 


Through nihub’s own connections and network, alongside organized industry-specific meetings during the Innovation WeekCIIP will give you a head start in determining who will best stand by your side to help push your brand and your company forward in China.

Competitive Edge

At nihub, we’ve long been a supporter of the phrase:


“collaboration over competition.” 


However, even with that mentally, it’s impossible to avoid and ignore the value of competition when it comes to innovation. 


Putting yourself up against fellow innovators and leaders of your local startup world is the best way to give yourself and your team the push it needs to develop and progress into the company you know you can be. 


nihub’s China – Israel Innovation Program is an open application program with the first round closing this Wednesday, July 10th, 2019. 


Give yourself a bit of a competitive edge and see where place amongst our debut batch ofhigh-tech innovative Israeli startups.