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I was just re-reviewing your article. I’m looking to build a plan for myself to get a work permit.

I’d like to know what documents I require for the work-permit that are different from other visa applications.

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Thank you for your questions, in case of work permit, hereafter are the steps to proceed with it:


Step 1

Employer or Own Company Information Details:

  • business license (scanned copy)
  • legal representative passport/Chinese id card (scanned copy)
  • Application Form(need it with company stamp, nihub can provide application form)
  • Power of attorney(need it with company stamp, nihub can provide application form)
  • Person in charge(who need submit paper to the government)passport/id card scanned copy


Step 2

Apply for work permit notice – it takes 10-15 working days(Timing begins when all materials are received)

  • Application Form(need it with company stamp, nihub can provide application form)
  • Labor contract(Contains: key information about the position, starting and ending time, place of work, salary, etc.)
  • the highest diploma (bachelor’s degree or above),certificate by China embassy or the Embassy of the country in your school or  China Ministry of Education International Service Center(中国教育部留学服务中心)。 (scanned copy) 本科以上学历毕业证书,经中国大使馆或学校所在国家驻华大使馆或网上中国教育部留学服务中心认证。

4)No criminal record certification,  less than 6 months old,  from your own country,certificate by China embassy or your country China’s embassy (scanned copy)


5)Medical check report,address in Hangzhou to do it: Wensan road NO 2,xihu district(can do it after received z visa),


6)Work experience certification of more than 2 years cumulative,from the company you have worked in


7) A passport information page(scanned copy)

8)White background photo

9)Other relevant documents

   For example:HSK certification,Certificate of Professional Skills,China Marriage Certificate,Chinese Spouse and so on

Step 3

Get notice from government,then exit China and re-enter with Z visa


Step 4

Apply for work permit card – takes 10-15 days

  • if a medical check has not been done,please do it


step 5

Apply work residence permit in Exit & Entry office (police)

  • 临时住宿登记 – Temporary Hukou Statement(from police station, PSB or hotel)
  • Business license copy with a stamp from your employer/company
  • Legal rep identity copy with a stamp from employer/company
  • Work permit card
  • QRCode Scanning Printing of Work Permit
  • Application report(will write for you)
  • Passport
  • White background phtoto(entry office can take photo)


Step 6

Wait around 3 weeks for a passport with the new residence visa 

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