Webinar: What is the most important thing in sales?

The sales department is important to every enterprise, a good salesperson can help the company grow faster. This time we will focus on: --How to Get into Customers' Minds? --Assessing the customer's real needs --Objections Handling Speaker : Terry Clarke <Founder and Content Director of GrowthHubLife & Nothing By Half,


Webinar: How to Build Your Own Wechat Store?

Nowadays, more and more people are opening shops online--Taobao, Wechat, 1688, etc. 越来越多的人在各个平台上开了自己的店铺,比如淘宝、微信、1688等。 Do you want to start your own business from a small shop? 你想从一个在线商店开始你的事业吗? Do you want to have extra incomes by running an online shop? 你想通过运营网店来获得额外的收入吗? If yes, come to check on this. 如果想要的话,来参加这次的线上活动吧! Webinar: How to


Webinar: China’s innovation & IP protection 网络研讨会:中国的创新与知识产权保护

Nihub Office Room 1402, Chenggao Building, No. 608 Xinlian Road, Binjiang District, Hangzohu, Zhejiang

Join nihub's next webinar with Raymond Wang, an attorney specialized in areas such as Patent / Trademark / Copyright laws, Data Compliance, Trade Secret Protection, and IP Compliance. 欢迎参加 nihub 与 Raymond Wang 的网络研讨会,Raymond Wang 是一位专门从事专利/商标/版权法、数据合规、商业机密保护以及 IP 合规等领域的律师。