Webinar: What is the most important thing in sales?

The sales department is important to every enterprise, a good salesperson can help the company grow faster. This time we will focus on: --How to Get into Customers' Minds? --Assessing the customer's real needs --Objections Handling Speaker : Terry Clarke <Founder and Content Director of GrowthHubLife & Nothing By Half,


Webinar: How to Build Your Own Wechat Store?

Nowadays, more and more people are opening shops online--Taobao, Wechat, 1688, etc. 越来越多的人在各个平台上开了自己的店铺,比如淘宝、微信、1688等。 Do you want to start your own business from a small shop? 你想从一个在线商店开始你的事业吗? Do you want to have extra incomes by running an online shop? 你想通过运营网店来获得额外的收入吗? If yes, come to check on this. 如果想要的话,来参加这次的线上活动吧! Webinar: How to


Webinar: China’s innovation & IP protection 网络研讨会:中国的创新与知识产权保护

Nihub Office Room 1402, Chenggao Building, No. 608 Xinlian Road, Binjiang District, Hangzohu, Zhejiang

Join nihub's next webinar with Raymond Wang, an attorney specialized in areas such as Patent / Trademark / Copyright laws, Data Compliance, Trade Secret Protection, and IP Compliance. 欢迎参加 nihub 与 Raymond Wang 的网络研讨会,Raymond Wang 是一位专门从事专利/商标/版权法、数据合规、商业机密保护以及 IP 合规等领域的律师。


Webinar:Fintech–The Future of Global Trading with E-CNY 网络研讨会:金融科技 — 电子人民币在全球贸易中的未来

Let's talk about a new global scenario after covid 19 together with Professor Luis Maximiliano Postigo--Strategic Advisor of Standard International Bank, Banker, Expert in cross-border payments CBDC early adopter, Fintech and M&A. Scan the QR code to sign up, FREE!Zoom ID: 978 4483 2560https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_AtdWy0gGQVaemDUvqgL1zg 本次活动演讲者是标准国际银行的战略投资顾问、银行家以及跨境支付CBDC、金融科技、并购的专家——Luis Maximiliano Postigo教授。感兴趣的朋友可以扫描二维码或点击链接免费报名哦!Zoom ID: 978 4483


Webinar:How Will Process Helps You to Build Your Enterprise System 网络研讨会:如何利用流程管理帮您构建企业系统


For a company, especially for a group company, process management is very important. This time Christine Yang, who has 15 years of business management experience in multinational enterprises and business transformation project experience will share her knowledge and skills in enterprise system build. Scan the QR code to sign up,


Webinar: Secrets of Confident Speakers 网络研讨会:自信演讲的秘诀

Almost everyone experiences speech anxiety when coming up on stage and presenting in front of others. It's normal but when anxiety level is too high, it might get in the way and prevent us from delivering a successful speech. 几乎每个人都会在上台演讲时感到焦虑。这是正常的,但焦虑过度可能会阻碍我们发表成功的演讲。 In this session you will learn how to manage your


The 2022 nihub Entrepreneurial Bootcamp Is Open for Sign-up! | 2022nihub创业训练营火热报名中

nihub International Innovation Center, 3F, Linping International Talent Hub, No.600 Xuehai Road, Linping District, Hangzhou 杭州市临平区雪海路600号临平国际人才港3楼,nihub国际创新中心

You will have the opportunity to communicate with the vice president of Swiss Chamber of Commerce, cross-border trade and international logistics experts, commercial law lawyer, senior programmers, and brand market experts face to face and gain valuable and practical sharing in this boot camp.  在本次课程中,您将有机会与中国瑞士商会副会长、跨境贸易及国际物流专家、商业法律师、高级编程人员以及品牌市场专家等面对面交流,获取干货。 Besides, this Bootcamp will also be a

¥79 – ¥498

Webinar:Make Your Own WordPress Website/Store|网络研讨会:如何使用WordPress设立自己的网站或商店

We had a great Bootcamp class--”How IT can optimize your online presence” which was welcomed. Our speaker Omar Aly will continue the IT class for everyone who is interested in building their own website/WeChat store. Feel free to scan the QR code to register. 2022 nihub 创业训练营的IT课程广受好评。导师Omar Aly将继续为大家讲解如何通过WordPress设立自己的网站和商店。 点击下方Sign Up按钮免费报名,期待与您线上见面!