The yearly competition for Overseas Talents is here! What are you waiting for? Apply now and the prize might be yours!


The CPC Hangzhou Municipal Committee

Hangzhou Municipal Government


Organization Department of the CPC Hangzhou Municipal Committee (Talent Office)

Hangzhou Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

Hangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau


The startups entering the Grand Final of the competition will compete for one First Prize, four Second Prizes and seven Third Prizes, and will be awarded RMB 200,000, 100,000 and 50,000 respectively. Also, there will be many winning prizes. Other startups that participate in the Semi-Finals will be awarded RMB 20,000.


Other startups (entering the Semi-Finals) that register in Hangzhou can enjoy the various types of local policies without evaluation.


The competition has a number of well-known venture capital institutions to dock with participating projects.


The Application Deadline is June 30, 2023!


1. Overseas high-level talents who are interested in doing innovation and start business in Hangzhou; 2. have innovative & entrepreneurial experience and technologies or achievements with broad market prospect; 3. under 55 years old.

Those who have already registered a company before January 1, 2023, in Hangzhou are not eligible for the competition.


1. The participants can take part as individuals or teams. Each team should be no more than four team members. Team members should guarantee stable cooperation for more than three years.

2. Each participant can only apply with one project.

3. The products and services proposed in the projects could be inventions, technologies, or concept products, services that can be developed. The competing projects should be in high-tech industries or strategic emerging industries, and have technical merits. The core members of the participating team must have legal intellectual property rights or use rights (authorized) for their projects.

4. Each entrant should upload a complete, detailed business plan, including technologies, market prospects, business strategies, funding demands, team members, future plan, clear business model, etc.


This competition does not charge any fees for the participants.

The participants shall not violate the rules of the competition. The submitted materials shall not be illegal, such as plagiarized, misappropriated, etc. Once found, their qualifications shall be canceled and the prize money shall be recovered. In case that the participating projects are involved in copyright disputes, the participants shall bear all the responsibilities on their own.

In the event that the competition cannot be normally held due to force majeure, the organizer shall have the right to make corresponding adjustments to the schedule or terminate the competition.

The competition registration project materials will be publicly released to all major enterprises and institutions in Hangzhou, various parks and scientific research institutions, seeking communication and docking. The competition may be held in the form of road show, and the road show will be open to the public.

The participants shall participate in this competition fully in the principle of voluntariness. If they have any objection with the competition, they can communicate with the Organizing Committee Office or choose to quit from the competition, but they are not entitled to request the alteration of the competition rules or the compensation for any fees incurred from the competition.

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to further supplement the views and the power of final explanation of this competition. Matters not mentioned herein shall be separately notified.

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1. Registation Form 2023 (can get from nihub)

2. Road show PPT (can get the template from nihub)

3. Scanning copy of ID Card or the front page of passport

4. Scanning copy of the highest education degree certificate