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IoT Innovation Summit | IoT产业创新峰会论坛

If you're living in a populous city like Shanghai, Tokyo, Delhi, etc., you must have experienced traffic congestion, inefficient public administrative system, and so on. "Smart City" is getting more effective in those areas and citizens will benefit a lot from its rapid development. Key industries that allow smarter and


Webinar:Business Strategy for Growth|网络研讨会:业务增长战略

In this session you will learn: How to understand financial models and develop assumptionsHow leverage the financial model to focusHow to prioritise and drive progress Zoom ID: 843 0434 6753 Scan the QR code or click the “Sign Up” button to register Now! 在本次研讨会中,您会了解: 如何理解财务模型并制定假设如何利用财务模型聚焦如何优先考虑和推动进展 扫描海报上的二维码或者点击下方Sign Up按钮免费报名,期待与您线上见面! Zoom ID: 843