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This is a call for you. Yup, that’s right. You. nihub Innovation Center is hosting its first workshop in Israel next Monday with our awesome partners at WeWork Labs Haifa + Tel Aviv, and we want YOU to join us.  Whether your a Series A startup with existing funding and working on your next round, or fresh out of an incubator / accelerator program and looking to secure your seed investment, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.  

As a part of our nihub’s China – Israel Innovation Program, we’re hosting a Webinar Workshop on Monday, July 1st, @ 2:00pm. 

While we may be streaming in from our Headquarters in Hangzhou, China, we still want to give everyone the chance to meet up, connect, and get more value out of this free workshop, so we’ve asked our friends at Wework Labs – Israel to offer a space for everyone to come and join the workshop. Before registering, let’s get back to the basics.


What’s “nihub”?

nihub is an Innovation Center founded by Swiss national, Lucas Rondez, in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province in 2017. Over the past two years, Lucas and nihub have assisted over 200 western startups and entrepreneurs come into the Chinese market to incorporate their business, secure the funding / investment necessary to scale quickly in the Chinese market, alongside of plethora of additional resources including digital marketing support, co-working, accounting & taxes, community events, a variety of workshops, and mentorship.  It’s through this work the nihub positioned itself as a one-stop landing pad for foreign entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to expand into the Chinese market and understanding the need to hit the ground running when doing so. 

Why it’s all about “ni”

No, it’s not all about us at nihub. It’s all about YOU (which is “ni” in Chinese for those who are new the language). At nihub, we don’t see innovation as something you can template or create out of thin air. It’s for this reason that we DON’T invest in startups. Instead, we use our RMB 100M fund to invest in people.  It’s for this reason that it’s all about you, because innovation comes from people. People with experiences, with passions, and a story that drives them to make the change they want to make. Whether it’s through technology, research, management, policy, or anything else, a form of innovation exists in us all. At nihub, we’re here to help you get it out and share it with the world’s largest market with spending a fortune to do so.

nihub’s China – Israel Innovation Program

This is a summer-long initiative that will give access and tailored opportunity to hundreds of entrepreneurs and startups to understand, connect, and scale in the Chinese market. Startups based throughout Israel’s high-tech and innovation ecosystems can check out and join our open application from NOW until July 10th, 2019 to join an online-based opportunity to take the next step towards scaling your company in a foreign market. The first step is to join Monday’s Webinar Workshop at either Wework Labs Haifa or Wework Labs Tel Aviv. Here you’ll be able to connect with nihub and our partners, as well as each other and to join a community of global entrepreneurs looking to connect and learn about the world’s emerging tech markets.  To join the workshop click here and sign up with your contact info, the rest is free!  Next, take a quick five minute to apply! If you’re ready now or after the workshop (or any day before July 10th, 2019) you can click here to visit our application page and apply today to join the program.  Simply upload your basic company info and an up-to-date business plan! We’ll be sifting through applications over the next month and winners will be contacted and announced on July 15th, 2019. More Info can be found on the application page regarding application process, timeline, and rewards!  

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Does this all sound too good to be true? Well trust me, it’s not! Join us next Monday, July 1st, @ 2:00pm @ Wework Labs (or reach out to me directly for the link if you can’t make it to the physical location).  If you still need more convincing, or looking for any more details / info, reach out to me directly at (WeChat ID: jrussbunnell) and I’ll be happy to have a quick chat and help YOU take the first step to bringing your innovation to China today. 


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