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About Us

Who are we and what's our mission

nihub innovation center is aiming to empower overseas companies to set foot in the massive market of China, offering a one-stop platform that allows international entrepreneurs to scale up their business here. We help on various aspects such as investments, acceleration programs, pitch competitions, grants, field trips & delegations, and also on more administrative aspects such as incorporation, visa application, accounting, co-working space, etc. With our strong connections and footprint in the Hangzhou ecosystem, we can organize relevant field trips for delegation from Embassies, Chambers of Commerce, Corporations, Universities, and others.

Our Location

nihub has 2 locations in Hangzhou, a city that has not only created Alibaba but many more giants such as Hikvision, NetEase, Geely Auto, Tuya Smart, etc. It is one of the world’s leading cities for innovation, ranking top 6 on a global scale in terms of numbers of unicorns. This city of roughly 11 million people is heavily investing in the entrepreneurship ecosystem to foster innovation with numerous grants and subsidy programs. Being an hour away from Shanghai, it is the perfect place with an ideal ecosystem for entrepreneurs to start their journey in China.

We Help Innovative Startups

Special outstanding service for startups

Many startups are not selected by investors and not ready for fundraising irrespectively of their great idea and huge potential. Very often that happens because they don’t know how to present their project for investors or how to transform the idea into profitable business.
We help them with these issues.


We play a vital role in helping companies realize their growth potential. We uncover and unlock value by identifying great companies with untapped potential.


We have a good knowledge of the various local policies in Hangzhou such as fresh graduates grants and more subsidies offered by the government that support foreign entrepreneurs.

Acceleration Programs

We believe that every team with a right partner and within right ecosystem, have a potential to exponentially grow. This is what we are here for, our programs are designed to put you in a light-speed path and help you grow.


You will get support throughout the whole process of the registering your company, from choosing the Chinese name, registered capital, business scope, to deciding on the shareholders structure, etc.

Business Investigation

Our team has extensive experience hosting delegations from all over the world to China. We are committed to facilitating valuable exchanges between global business leaders and helping our clients gain key insights into the Chinese market.


We provide accounting service including Bookkeeping, Monthly Report, Annual Report, Invoicing, Social Insurance & Accumulation Fund, Agency services and others services that will save a lot of your time.

Visa Application

We have been committed to solving the problems of entrepreneurs, assisting customers in handling relevant visa business, saving customers a lot of visa processing time, and providing the best visa service experience.

Our Accelerators

Smart City Program

A program to reach out to Smart City start-ups from different continents and help them to develop further their startup through funding.

Corporate Acceleration Program

Create an eco-system to innovate and provide added-value to develop core-technologies within the supply chain operation.

International Roadshow Program

International Roadshow program are scale-up programs for startups who would like to land and extend their business in China.

Our Team

Our work — case studies

We work with forward-looking organizations who understand that joining the global startup economy is key to drive innovation and spur economic growth.

We host plenty of events, Check our events and join us!

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