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“In the West everything is easy but nothing is possible.

In China, everything is difficult but nothing is impossible”

Likely, NiHub is the most valuable visit to make when establishing a company in Hangzhou.

Ervins Gorelovs, Founder at OBB

Super helpful and resourceful. The team has knowledge and connections.

Toby Clark, Founder - Wecare

Professional and helpful

Sikau Tran, CEO and Co-Founder of ScandiChina

A place with aspiring and struggling people just like yourself. It’s a place I go to feel I’m on the right track, no matter where I am on the track.

Kyiana Williams, Drama Teacher

Friendly and innovative company to help entrepreneurs understand the local Hangzhou community. Lucas and team are always willing to help whether you are a student wanting to learn about entrepreneurship, or a professional wanting to expand their business.

Alvin Kusnanto, Engineer

Down to earth experts on anything you would need to know about starting and scaling a business in China. That will give you practical, real world advice and support to a surprisingly reasonable fee.

Daniel Vaala, Hotel and restaurant owner ( Lotus Glade Hotels) & Advisor for e-commerce company

Good connection with government and they know how to open and keep up to date a company made by foreigners

Carlos Lastres, Full Stack UI/UX Designer Torus Labs