Have you found yourself looking around and wondering why people who joined the company after you, have a higher salary? Or keep getting put up for promotions and you don’t?

Well, it’s simple. Look at the two conversations below and guess what salary each person has…



Did you guess correctly?


Xiao Shi from the first example earns 3000RMB per month, and Xiao Liu earns 30,000RMB. 

The difference in the way they handle each situation is very clear. Let’s look at this in more detail. Here are 5 examples that clearly show the difference between a member of staff who is adequate at their role and a member of staff who excels. 

If you look at these nine facts and honestly access yourself where do you fit? Are you an ordinary staff member..? Or are you an excellent one!

Next time you are pushing for a salary increase or a promotion, refer to this list and think… am I excellent?

We hope the answer is YES!