Our aim is to provide for Scale-Up Startups an easy access to the Chinese Innovative Ecosystem. We therefore have build tailored solutions for startups & corporate with the aim to scale in China. Our Services include investment, pre-and -after investment solution to accelerate the landing and growth in China.

We work with the leading firms in the ecosystem to help businesses not only access to funding but also to develop commercialization opportunities.

For many, registering a company in China seems like an impossibility. An impossible language barrier, confusing and ever-changing regulation, and uncertainty block even the slightestt consideration for incorporating the company in China.

However, after a clear look at the processes and requirements of company registtration it may not be difficult (or expensive) as many of us believe.

Business Incorporation Process:

  1. Registering the name of the company
  2. Preparing registration documents & details (Articles of Association, Rent Contract, Shareholder’s Information, Business Scope, Legal Representative, Company Supervisor, Register Capital)
  3. Submit documents and waiting for business license

The whole process normally normally takes less than a week to be completed. As soon as documents are prepared and submit to the government, in Hangzhou Binjiang District it takes an hour to get the business license.


The process of registering a company is free or charge from government fees. If you decide to use nihub to help you to register the company, our fees are:

Registration Fees: RMB 3000.00 in Hangzhou, Binjiang District ~ RMB 4000.00 in Greater Hangzhou/Qingdao. We do not have possibility to register in other cities.

Accounting & Tax:

Accounting & Tax filling is an important process to run a company, nihub can supports you to do all of it for your company for RMB 600.00/month

Working Permit & VISA:

We do support your company’s employee for working permit & visa procedures  for RMB 4000.00/applicants

Your Startup is looking to raise some money to support your landing & growth in China, here at nihub we work with more than 200 VC funds on each industries.

We also do direct investment into startups.

Please connect with us  by sending your deck by email if interested: info@nihub.com

We care about building a community that can share insights and information about the Chinese Market.

That is why we have been organizing lot of training, Events, Commercialization Support, Field Trips for our startups and partners.

Connect with us for more information.

“It’s not the big which eats the small, but it is the fast which eats the slow”

Big Corporations need to innovate, we are here to support your innovation growth by helping you to scout technologies and startups, accelerate them, working on Proof of Concept that can be implemented within you group.

Our current acceleration process is about 5G+AIoT, more information by visiting our Valid 5G+AIoT Acceleration Program.