6 Platforms Selected by Nihub
Grow your IT startup faster and better

niHUB Innovation Center was founded in 2017. Over the past 3 years, we have helped more than 80 startups around the world to scale their startup in China.
Hangzhou is home to some of China’s biggest technology companies. The eastern city is the capital of Zhejiang Province. It has been called China’s answer to “Silicon Valley” and is home to tech internet giants such as Alibaba, NetEase, etc. The city’s booming economy is based mostly on technology startups, which has made Hangzhou an attractive destination for global talent.

Read on to find out 6 of our favorite platform tools that we love to use, and we hope that in sharing our selection that your startup company can also benefit greatly.


1) Hubspot

We’re excited to partner with HubSpot for Startups to offer their program designed specifically to help startups grow and scale – at a startup-friendly cost! Hubspot is a sophisticated CRM platform for you to get closer to your leads and contacts. It enables you to log customer issues as tickets, that can be assigned to team members. You can also track emails, use surveys to discover what your customers think about you, and improve overall customer experience.

To join this program, you can go to this link and select nihub.com as your partner from a drop-down list in the application process.

– Startups who have raised over $2 million in named funding up to and including Series A are eligible for 50% off in their first year, and 25% off ongoing.
– Startups with under $2 million in funding are eligible for 90% off in their first year, 50% in your second, and 25% ongoing.



You can use this tool as an internal communication platform which makes your workflow easier.Teambition enables project management, by linking all content that facilitates effective communication. All files, key discussions, and meeting agendas are all available on the Task Detail Page. You will know who is doing what and when a task will be completed. Even a task requiring cross-team collaboration can be precisely completed.

– Pro Efficient Collaboration: $ 58 / person / year free for 10-people team


3) Mailchimp

Whether you’re looking to take your business online for the first time or scale your existing business, this all‑in‑one Marketing Platform offers the tools SMEs need to achieve your online marketing campaign. You can use Mailchimp to reach your customers by sending newsletters, social media posts, and ads, or customizable forms and pop-ups. To keep in touch with your current customers online, also get connect with your new fans.


4) DingTalk

Under the circumstance that the free version of Zoom has restricted Chinese users, DingTalk can help your international team to enhance remote working efficiency in China. You can easily find your colleagues through its well-organized contact list. DingTalk provides smooth and stable HD video meetings with up to 302 participants with the help of Alibaba Cloud. Both mobile devices and desktops are ready to start or join a meeting.



WeTransfer is the simplest way to send your files around the world. The free version enables you to share large files up to 2GB, while the paid version allows for users to send up to 20 GB at a time and offers features like password protection, profile page customization, and 1 TB of storage.



The most time-saving tool to convert various pitch deck documents into PDF files. It is incredibly easy to use this online PDF converter, and reduce the size of your file without losing its quality. It can do everything you need from password encrypting documents to editing documents after converting.


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